Why Join? (The Arraj Inn has dissolved, but you can still join an Inn.)

Why Be a Member of an Inn?  To foster professionalism, ethics, and the skills of the Bench and the Bar.

American Inns of Court are made up of lawyers from varying backgrounds, judges, professors, and law students. The Inns also contain smaller subgroups, called “pupilage groups.” Each Arraj Inn pupilage group includes one judicial officer, experienced lawyers, lawyers with mid-level experience, junior lawyers, and sometimes, law students.  Each pupilage group is typically responsible for organizing and conducting a presentation for one of the Inn’s meetings. The pupilage groups provide a chance to get to know people better for mentorship and professional camaraderie

Monthly presentations range from speakers of interest (lawyers or non-lawyers) to thought-provoking skits and plays regarding the legal profession and legal ethics. The mood of these presentations, like the subject matters themselves, can vary from somber to humorous. The Arraj Inn’s goal was to encourage meaningful and active interaction by members and their guests in the form of discussions, participation, and critique.

The Arraj  Inn of Court met on a set night once per month during the fall through spring months. The meetings typically began with a social cocktail hour at the University Club followed by a sit-down dinner and Inn announcements and administrative matters. After dinner, the responsible pupilage group would present its program for about an hour.

The Arraj Inn traditionally kicked off the new meeting year with a late-summer social.  We gather for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and socializing. See our calendar for updates.

American Inns of Court Professional Creed

Whereas, the Rule of Law is essential to preserving and protecting the rights and liberties of a free people; and
Whereas, throughout history, lawyers and judges have preserved, protected and defended the Rule of Law in order to ensure justice for all; and

Whereas, preservation and promulgation of the highest standards of excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills are essential to achieving justice under the Rule of Law;

Now therefore, as a member of an American Inn of Court, I hereby adopt this professional creed with a pledge to honor its principles and practices:

I will treat the practice of law as a learned profession and will uphold the standards of the profession with dignity, civility and courtesy.

I will value my integrity above all. My word is my bond.

I will develop my practice with dignity and will be mindful in my communications with the public that what is constitutionally permissible may not be professionally appropriate.

I will serve as an officer of the court, encouraging respect for the law in all that I do and avoiding abuse or misuse of the law, its procedures, its participants and its processes.

I will represent the interests of my client with vigor and will seek the most expeditious and least costly solutions to problems, resolving disputes through negotiation whenever possible.

I will work continuously to attain the highest level of knowledge and skill in the areas of the law in which I practice.

I will contribute time and resources to public service, charitable activities and pro bono work.

I will work to make the legal system more accessible, responsive and effective.

I will honor the requirements, the spirit and the intent of the applicable rules or codes of professional conduct for my jurisdiction, and will encourage others to do the same.